National Amlak Overview  
Chairman's Message

We thank you for your interest in our company and for visiting this website.

The new millennium has witnessed the foundation of National Amlak Investment Company which was equipped since inception with an ambitious investment thinking based on the criteria of strength through diversity.

I had different businesses which were extended for many decades and multi investment sectors whither commercials or services sectors. These activities can be considered as a nucleus of which have drawn the idea of creating a legal entity supported by talented human resources who are capable to demonstrate the entity and to achieve additional successes.

Our ambitious investments are spread through many of the leading companies in the Kingdom, which has a significant role in the growing of investor’s equity, and we believe that each and every one of these companies has many promising opportunities that we are provide them with a financial support and wise management.

Our company took it upon themselves to be one of Saudi institutions that operate on an ongoing basis to serve the community, and to be a building block of the building blocks in our country.

Sheik Saleh Al Rashed
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